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What You Need to Know About High Cholesterol

The aim of this article is to open your eyes to the hazards of high cholesterol level in our body, the causes that instigate it and a few well-known medicines that are efficient in curtailing the adverse effects of high  cholesterol.

Cholesterol is found in blood, fats and tissues of our body. Excess cholesterol can cause a heart attack. So, a surge in the cholesterol level of the body sounds the alarm of risk to the heart. But cholesterol does not function only negatively. It has a positive task of building the cell walls of one's body cells and producing the essential hormone called estrogen or testosterone. Normal quantity of cholesterol that is less than 200 milligrams is not harmful to human body.

However, the cholesterol level in the body increases due to many reasons. Some of the significant ones are:

bullet Cholesterol is problematic for those whose bodies cannot secrete large amount of fatty substances.

bullet Intake of high cholesterol food.

bullet Lack of exercise with regular heavy eating.

bullet Obesity due to feating habits or hormonal imbalance .

bullet Heredity.

Symptoms: High cholesterol can be identified with the appearance of soft yellow skin close to your eyes and the lack of energy or weariness due to clogging of the arteries.

Medication: A few medicines that are deemed to be considerably efficient in cholesterol management are the following:

Advicor is prescribed when the LDL i.e. the low-density lipoprotein and HDL- high-density lipoprotein are  inadequate in body. Advicor are Lovastatin and Niacin. These help in plummeting the cholesterol level. This medicine should never be eaten empty stomach. A combo of exercise, rich diet (where nutrition supersedes fats and cholesterol) and Advicor can produce wonderful effects. However, the medicine should be avoided in case the person is allergic to Niacin and Lovastatin, is suffering from liver or any such disease and in case of pregnancy, breast feeding etc. It is best to take Advicor on advice your physician. Like other medicines, Advicor too has its own side effects.

Zocor is another name in the list of cholesterol regulating medicines. It is most often prescribed when the LDL reaches 130 and there is a huge threat of a heart attack. Zocor reduces the possibility or peril of bypass surgery, angioplasty etc. to a great extent.

Lescol is mostly recommended in cases where the individual is liable or has already undergone a cardiac arrest or blocking of arteries and other such problems. The drug is meant for those patients who are impotent in reducing their cholesterol with low fats and poor cholesterol food. Lescol too should not be taken in situation of pregnancy and breast feed for it can have drastic repercussions on the fetus.

Lipitor is also a suggested medicine when the LDL scales to 130 or more. It too functions as a drug helpful in lowering the blood cholesterol and so the threat of a heart disorder.

Along with these and many other noteworthy prescriptive drugs what should be borne in mind is the regularity that is required in taking them and the exercises and diet prescribed to accentuate their effect. Recklessness in any of these measures can be fatal to your life.

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